Author Guidelines

  1. The article should be at least 800+ words and should cover all the topics thoroughly.
  2. Before planning to write a Article, please make sure that the topic or title of the article is not already written on the website. You can see all the list of Article’s published from
  3. We respect everyone’s work. If we came to know that you had copied the post from somewhere then not be published.
  4. There should not be any kind of grammatical mistake in your article or spelling mistakes. Your post must contain a proper heading and subheadings like h1, h2,….h6. You should keep you article paragraph Short.
  5. Articles once published on the website cannot be edited by the authors. If you want then contact admin.
  6. The Article’s should not include any promotional link or affiliate link in the main body (except references).
  7. All the article’s should be related to gadgets news and review or latest technology.
  8. Each article should have references or further reading at the end.
  9. You need to add a image cause Images speak a thousand words.
  10. Article’s once published on this website, should not be published later on any other websites.
  11. Plagiarism (duplicate content) should be less than 10%. Pending articles with more than 10% plagiarism will again be drafted to be edited by authors.
  12. The draft posts saved by authors will not be reviewed by an admin until fully finalized and submitted for review..
  13. User (Authors) who don’t follow the above guidelines article’s will not be accepted.
  14. Comments are the conversation and when your article will be published. You can answer the query related to your article, which will give you more exposure and you will also be able to help the readers.Articles submitted by authors may take 2 to 7 days to get published depending on the number of pending posts.

Note: The Author guidelines can be changed at any time in future by the admin.